Passionate about research 
London Business School since 2002. Early career at MIT Sloan School of Management. 1994 Ph.D. from Columbia Business School. Keen to partner with businesses on research - to learn about problems and find new ideas, analyse data, and run field experiments. 


Driven to deliver business impact 
Engaged with over 100 organisations - as an advisor, consultant, coach, keynote speaker,  educator, director of brand academies, and expert witness - ranging from high-tech start ups to over 30 Global Fortune 500 companies.


Founder of LBS' Behavioural Research Lab, Walpole Luxury Management Programme and Customer Focused Marketing Programme. Non-executive chairman of The Brand Inside, co-founder of Compaso. Early-stage investor. Previously, academic director of MIT Sloan's entrepreneurship programme and e-business programme founding director. 
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